27-29 February 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre

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46 Days
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YPN Objectives

YPN’s main objective is to create an inclusive world in which every organisation / brand has sustainability at its core.

It is our mission to mobilise and bring young business professionals to anchor and achieve a platform where growth in their organizations is seen through connection, education, and interaction, all under one roof.

The driving force is for young professional leaders to propagate innovative ideas and be influencers in the global world. We believe that the power of propagation will guide the development of our society and promote the establishment of a more innovative world.

Why Attend YPN Global Congress

An opportunity to enhance your brand’s core business through connections, learning, and empowerment of young professional leaders and change-makers of the global community and our network.

A platform to connect with and learn from industry pioneers, leaders, and change-makers about how you and your organization could address the challenges and potential opportunities that are in line with your business objectives.

An opportunity to compete with other young professionals from all over the world to ideate, experiment, and implement new perspectives that address the current and future challenges that affect the smooth flow of business.

5 YPN Global Congress
Highlight of Activities:

1. YPN Challenge

A platform where young professional leaders from across the globe compete in various industry categories and awarded for such as well as representing a significant contribution to their industry

2. YPN Projects

This is an exhibition where the Young Leaders will have the opportunity to display their businesses / projects and to extend their networks and appreciate innovative ideas from various industry perspectives.

3. YPN Ideas

Global young leaders on this program will give us an insight into their business / projects. It is a platform for them to take us through their inspiring journey and ideas that have seen them excelling in business regardless of the competitive world.

4. YPN Connections

Networking session with global leaders, associations, and investors with potential clients, and a 60-minute open networking session wherein people can engage, discuss, and explore industrial related topics with one another including current trends.

5. YPN Tube

This involves media and technology driven by the current digital transformation. An exciting and inspiring showcase where young leaders will be afforded the opportunity to present 1 – 3 minutes inspiring videos about their brands or projects prior to the event on our YouTube platform and will also be showcased during the event.

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