About us

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) Congress is a global summit for young, career-focused real estate professionals who aspire to keep abreast of the latest tools, resources, and networking opportunities in the real estate industry.

The congress involves professionals from a wide variety of the property industry sectors, including the government sector, the private sector, financial corporations, management & advisory consultants, migration companies, and construction companies in addition to all other stakeholders in the real estate industry.

All in all, YPN aims to create an inclusive world in which every organization/brand has sustainability at its core in addition to bringing under one roof young business professionals to anchor and achieve a platform, where growth in their organizations is seen through connection, education, and interaction. Also, the conference urges young professional leaders to propagate innovative ideas and be influencers in their regions and across the world.

YPN congress is one of the major features of the International Property Show (IPS), which will be held 27 - 29 February 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. 

For the benefit of real estate companies, the event will involve kiosks for prospective real estate businesses to exhibit their brands. The pre-built stands will enable each exhibitor to turn up and dress with their company collateral and branding. Also, exhibitors can purchase additional features or simply use YPN’S pre-packaged attractive offering.

  • Dimensions - 2.4 m * 90 cm * 1.1m
  • Logo ( 35cm*25cm)
  • Seating for 1 (Chair provided)
  • 2 Power outlets for Laptops/Monitor
  • Drawer/Storage space for belongings/Brochures etc.